Catalyzed by

The Power of the Platform: Novo22™

Novomer’s catalyst operates at moderate temperatures and is highly selective towards the β-Propiolactone target monomer. The technology allows reduced energy consumption compared to existing biodegradable products available on the market. 

As a feedstock agnostic process, inputs can be fossil fuel based or 100% from renewable sources. The technology drops into any plant with surplus Ethylene Oxide, Ethylene or Ethanol and opens the possibility of using waste Carbon Dioxide as a starting material.


Efficient Engineering

Lower Cost, Higher Performance

Novo22™’s advanced catalyst technology enables high yield and selectivity, leading to less waste, simple separations, and smaller process equipment than in comparable chemical processes. Our proprietary catalyst enables low operating temperatures and cost-effective materials of construction. Safety and quality are constraints of any process we develop, but beyond that, any engineering options are on the table to deliver high quality materials to address some of society’s most compelling technical challenges.